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Model 206A
Oxyview® 0-6 l/m
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Air Assets™ International and Ingen Technologies Inc. have teamed up to bring to you Oxyview®, model 206-A. Oxyview® is a pneumatic real-time oxygen flow meter for use with AVO2 oxygen delivery systems.

This device provides valuable real-time measurement of the flow rate of oxygen from 0 l/m to 6 l/m. It quickly and easily attaches to the oxygen tubing, and functions accurately and consistently in any position regardless of vibration, altitude, humidity or temperature. Oxyview® out-performs any other flow meter in the market today.

1 Oxyview®
1 Oxyview® Adapter Kit

Accessory Rubber Bushing
PVC 2222 C-60

Interior Red Piston Pain
Printing Ink 180-PE

Exterior Body Hot-Stamp Paint
Foil P811N

1 3/8” Length and 7/16” Diameter

Total Weight

0.128 Ounces or 3.98 grams
0-6 l/m (Model 206A)

Poly carbonate (Makrolon) M2558

Poly carbonate (Makrolon) M2558

Polystyrene DOW666D

316 Stainless Steel