Specifications Rev A 04/2000

Pressure Switch

Base - C360 Brass
Switch Housing - G/F Nylon
Diaphragm - Viton
Pressure Tested - 5000 PSI
Set Point - 500 PSI
Oxygen Cleaned
Circuit - SPDT Gold Plated Contacts
Termination - UL 1061 24 AWG
Rocker Switch ON/OFF Base - Thermoplastic
Rubber Dust/Splash Cap - Elastomeric
Circuit - SPDT Gold Plated Contacts
Termination - Tabs, Silver Plated
Battery Pack (3 AAA) Voltage 4.7V
Battery Pack Life - Continuous Operation
3 Months
Low Battery LED Alarm Yellow Diffused Superbright
Manifold Material - C360 Brass
Plating - Chrome
Pressure Tested - 5000 PSI
Oxygen Cleaned
Oxygen Ready LED Green Diffused Superbright
Low Oxygen Alarm
Red Diffused Superbright
Piezo Audio Indicator
Circuit Flammability Rating 94V-O
Acceptability of Electronic Assembly per ANSI/IPC-A-610
Timer for flashing LED's and pulsing audio
Voltage sensing for low battery indication
Pressure switch set point sensing
BAFI Enclosure FDA Compliant, Lexan 104
(Lexan 104 is heat resistant, cold resistant, and UV Rated / Sunlight)
Weight 1.1 LBS
Dimensions (Includes Manifold) 1.75"(W) x 3.7"(H) x 5.7"(L)