The information contained in this Business Plan is not, and should not be construed as a public offer to sell nor a public solicitation of an offer to buy the interest described herein.

All information contained herein, including projections of future performance, reflect the opinion and judgments of the Company, and while based on the information available to the Company, can only be considered a reasonable prediction, given the stated assumptions of what will take place in the future. Furthermore, the Company may alter its plans and/or projections, as outlined herein, without notice, from time to time in the normal course of business.

Although the Business Plan has been reviewed by representatives of the Company, it does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all of the information which a prospective purchaser may desire. All information contained herein has been provided and/or acknowledged by the Company.

Any and all representations shall be made solely by the Company and shall be set forth in this formal offering followed with a related subscription agreement or purchase contract, which agreement or contract shall control as to representations and warranties, if any. By viewing the Business Plan, the viewer acknowledges the responsibility to perform a due diligence review prior to any acquisition of or business combination with the business herein presented. Each viewer is responsible for the performance and expense of the due diligence review unless otherwise agreed to by the Company.

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