By definition, the BAFI™ product is a unique warning device. The audio and visual warning system enhances the safety and assurance of all portable pressurized gas delivery systems and continues to be compatible with all portable pressurized gas cylinders as a compliment to their existing paradigm.

The competition, as outlined in the patent search, comprises basically two companies. However, neither of these companies have a product for the pressurized gas tank market, nor have they been able to deliver the designed product they have claimed in their expired patent. Therefor, essentially, there are no competitors. The market is wide open and the device has been issued a patent pending.

The Company has test marketed hundreds of California based manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and services. The following are only a small few and the majority of these potential markets responded with enthusiasm and are interested in purchasing and promoting the BAFI™ system:
Allied Health, Inc. (800) 758-7337 Mark Soete
OmniCare, Inc. (606) 392-3300 Nancy Bucci
Lincare, Inc. (800) 284-2006 Paul Daugherty
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. (714) 968-5133 Bob Schorch
Parsons AirGas, Inc. (619) 279-8200 Geo Zicardi
Eureka Oxygen Co. (707) 443-2228 Lisa Kilimville
Professional Medical Supply (619) 449-0400 Walter Maywell
Contra Costa Welding Supply (510) 685-8928 Mr. Rassmussen
Seals Healthcare Equipment (714) 646-2435 Gary Seal
East Bay Welding Supply (510) 779-1401 Mr. Evans
Lehner & Martin, Inc. (909) 590-3760 Mike Whitten
Bay AirGas, Inc. (510) 825-8822 Mr. Ellis
Diablo Medical Supply, Inc. (510) 947-6099 Steve Larson
City of Banning, Fire Chief (909) 922-3210 Robert Tinker
Mercy Air Transport (909) 357-9006 Leslie Eide, RN
County of San Bernardino (909) 922-3219 Ted Yarbrough

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