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High Flow Nasal Cannula: How it's used and more

As respiratory diseases rise in prominence, a growing number of people are using oxygen therapy. Many are able to do this oxygen therapy from the comfort of their home to treat asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments. In most cases, a high flow nasal cannula is used to deliver oxygen to the individual through the nasal cavity.

The nasal cannula is a thin plastic tube with two prongs that reside in the nose. The tube is connected to an oxygen tank, and the flow rate of the oxygen is set according to what is prescribed by the doctor. If you're using a high flow nasal cannula, always make certain your oxygen tank is set at the exact flow rate ordered by your doctor as anything else could undermine your oxygen therapy.

Before putting on your nasal cannula, test it to make sure oxygen is flowing properly. You can do this by turning on the oxygen tank at the desired flow rate and placing your hand near the two nasal prongs. If you don't feel any oxygen flowing from the tubes, check to make sure the cannula is connected properly. If it's still not flowing, your line may be backed up with mucus or other substances.

While it's a good idea to replace your high flow nasal cannula on a regular basis (more on this later), there are times when simply cleaning it will suffice. Cleaning your nasal cannula helps to reduce the risk of infection, ensuring the tubing you're placing in your nose is clean and free from bacteria. To clean the oxygen cannula, use a small amount of soap on the nasal prongs and rinse it with warm water. Make certain you rinse the device thoroughly, and always allow it to dry before reusing it. Even with regular cleaning, nasal cannulas should still be replaced on a regular basis so that infections are less likely to occur. What is considered to be a “regular basis?” Some people replace their nasal cannula every week, while others do so 2 or 3 times per month. If you ever have a cold or other illness, you should also immediately replace the high flow nasal cannula once you recover so that you're no longer coming into contact with those germs.

Because you'll be replacing your oxygen cannula on a regular basis, it's a good idea to consider purchasing your cannulas in bulk so you can enjoy big savings. You can typically purchase nasal cannulas in packages ranging from 10 to 100. Obviously, the more you buy at once, the larger the amount of money you'll save. Also, shopping online from reputable vendors for your nasal cannula will help you find the best prices available.

Safety Tips
Using your high flow nasal cannula with an oxygen tank is perfectly safe if you use common sense and follow these tips.

Follow all tips in this article to enjoy the most benefits from your high flow nasal cannula.

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