Ingen Technologies, Inc.

Ingen Technologies, Inc. introduces The Smart Nasal Cannula®, the World's First Patient In-Line Oxygen Flow-Meter.

Oxygen Flow-Meter

The The Smart Nasal Cannula® oxygen flow meter is another innovative respiratory product manufactured in the USA by Ingen Technologies; providing more confidence and assurance to patients using oxygen. The Smart Nasal Cannula® is reusable, requires no batteries, works all the time in any position with all liquid or gas O2 systems, and easily installs anywhere below the cannula nearest the patient where oxygen flow matters the most. Oxygen suppliers and patients will appreciate that The Smart Nasal Cannula® prevents many unnecessary service calls. Purchase direct; all major credit cards accepted. Call: 800-259-9622

Watch Our Video of the The Smart Nasal Cannula® oxygen flow meter

Flow Meter Specifications

The Smart Nasal Cannulatm relates to flow meters which provide a visual signal for gas flow through a conduit. More particularly it relates to a flow meter which provides a visual cue viewable with the human eye, as to the flow of gas through a cannula which conventionally employs very low pressure and gas volume to a patient using the The Smart Nasal Cannulatm. Read More...

How to use the Oxygen Flow Meter

The Smart Nasal Cannulatm is a pneumatic real-time oxygen flow meter for use with oxygen cylinders, concentrators and other oxygen delivery systems. This device can measure the flow rate of oxygen from 0-4.5 l/m. Read More...

The Smart Nasal Cannula Testimonials

"I just wanted to let you know how much I like the The Smart Nasal Cannula® oxygen flow meter. I am the Pulmonary Rehab Coordinator at Rockford Health System and we go through a lot of O2 tanks. I was always changing the tanks when they were in the red because I never knew if the patient was getting enough oxygen. Now, with the The Smart Nasal Cannula®, I know for sure how much O2 is left. This will be a huge time and cost savings for my department."

Barbara McDonald, RPFT
Rockford Health System
2400 N. Rockton Avenue
Rockford, IL 81103
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Purchase direct; all major credit cards accepted. Call: 800-259-9622

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