The Smart Nasal Cannula®

The Smart Nasal Cannula® includes the disposable in-line Oxyview® flow meter and latex free, non-flared and curved soft tip cannula. This offers the Oxyview flow meter with up to 3 or 6 LPM of oxygen and provides superior comfort for the active user with the multitude of three channel crush resistant tubing that is comfortable for a patient with very sensitive skin or allergies. The Smart Nasal Cannula is 106 inches in length. The Oxyview flow meter is placed 13 inches below the chin. Sizes are available in Adult, Pediatric (Child) and Infant. There is no other cannula like this available today. The Oxyview® flow meter provides assurance and confirms oxygen flow rate and equipment function nearest the patient where it matters the most!

Oxyview Certificate of Material:

Interior Red Piston
DIE-Trans Dark Red
Exterior Body Hot-Stamp Paint
Foil P811N

1 3/8" Length and 7/16” Diameter

316 Stainless Steel

Total Weight
0.128 Ounces or 3.98 grams
0-6 l/m and 0-3 l/m

Poly carbonate (Makrolon) M2558

Poly carbonate (Makrolon) M2558

Polystyrene DOW666D

Accessory Rubber Bushing
PVC 2222 C-60