The Smart Nasal Cannula® (Child)
MODEL 206NCP50 (50 Pack)

The Smart Nasal Cannula® includes the disposable in-line Oxyview® flow meter and 7' latex free curved soft tip cannula. This offers use with up to 6 LPM of oxygen and provides superior comfort for the active user with the multitude of three channel crush resistant tubing that is comfortable for a patient with very sensitive skin or allergies. There is no other cannula like this available today. The Oxyview® flow meter provides assurance and confirms oxygen flow rate and equipment function nearest the patient where it matters the most!

50 The Smart Nasal Cannula® (Child)

Certificate of Material:

Interior Red Piston Paint
Printing Ink 180-PE

Exterior Body Hot-Stamp Paint
Foil P811N

1 3/8" Length and 7/16” Diameter

316 Stainless Steel

Total Weight
0.128 Ounces or 3.98 grams
0-6 l/m

Poly carbonate (Makrolon) M2558

Poly carbonate (Makrolon) M2558

Polystyrene DOW666D

Accessory Rubber Bushing
PVC 2222 C-60

0-6 L/M
OxyView®: Registered Trademark Serial No. 78-886168
FDA Registration No. 3005686889
FDA Owner/Operator No. 9085663
FDA Product Code: BYM
FDA Listing No. E376132
FDA/Department of Health Services License No. 47146