Scott Sand has a diversity of experience in the health care industry both domestic and abroad which spans more than 20 years. His knowledge and expertise include executive management, health care administration, medical/general product development, operations, finance, law and marketing. His contributions and accomplishments have been published in the Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Tribune. He has been the recipient of many recognition awards by high honored factions such as the United States Congress and the State Assembly. Mr. Sand attended California State University, Long Beach majoring in BioMedical Engineering and Business with a minor in Computer Science. He also attended California State University, Dominguez Hills for his Higher-Education Technical/Administrative Teaching License. Currently, he is an Advisory Board Member of several public companies and the most recent being Eye Dynamics, Inc., a medical device manufacturer providing high-end vidoenystagmography to neurology and ENT. He oversees the entire operation for Ingen Technologies, Inc.

Jeff Gleckman brings 20 years experience as a pioneer in E-commerce, product marketing, distribution, warehousing and Internet sales and development. A business graduate from the University of Oxford in England, he started his company, Tech-Ni-Comm, in 1983 which is also one of the top 50 websites in California. He has been presented many awards for his sales abilities with dynamic wireless communication companies and in 1991 was awarded 'Exporter of the Year.' His continuing successes have been the foundation for Tech-Ni-Comm's and Ingen's growth.

Chris Evans has 30 years experience as a licensed attorney specializing in corporate and SEC law. Previously, he was the Program Director for the Office of the Governor, Dept. Of Community Affairs in Texas, and has served as general counsel to a publicly traded electronics and aerospace contractor. During his position as Associate Attorney his focus was on corporate clients until he co-founded and managed a full service real estate development company. Mr. Evans earned his Juris Doctor Degree at the Tulane University School of Law in 1981, received his M.A. at the University of Texas at Austin Texas (Public Affairs, 1975), and his B.A.(Political Science) at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana in 1971. Mr. Evans was partners in a law firm for three years in Washington, D.C. His focus was litigations and claims before the federal courts and agency boards of contract appeals. Since 1993, Mr. Evans has had his law firm in Annandale, Virginia. His practice focuses upon corporate finance, compliance with securities regulations, business acquisitions, and federal tax matters.

Harold Spector has 40 years of experience in high finance and accounting with experience in SEC regulations and filings. He has previous top management experience as President, C.E.O., and Vice President of Finance. Currently, Mr. Spector is the principal of his own CPA firm in Pasadena, California. His areas of expertise are audit reviews and compilations, litigation support, public entities, manufacturing firms, and taking companies public. Mr. Spector is a member of the American Institute of C.P.A.'s and California Society of C.P.A.'s. He is the sole stockholder in Food Industry Corporation that employs 300 and is a partner in an advertising agency and publishing business that has 20 employees. Mr. Spector earned his law degree at Loyola Law School and attended California State University, Northridge for his graduate studies.

Milton Philipson has nearly 40 years of experience in sales management and marketing with extensive knowledge and creativity in merchandising, dealer-distributor sales, and promotion of high-ticket consumer goods. He has extensive technical and engineering knowledge inclusive of sound recording and has been responsible for several firsts in the recording arena such as, magnetic tape recording and 3-channel television stereo sound broadcasts. Mr. Philipson has been executive vice-president of sales and marketing for Grunding Sales in New Jersey and Akai America, Ltd. He was Special Marketing Director for Craig Corporation where he programmed, organized and established the distribution of U.S. Military exchanges. Mr. Philipson attended the University of Southern California and Shrivenham University in London. He also attended the U.S. Army Radio School along with other courses in business and technical subjects. Mr. Philipson is currently affiliated with Investment Banking Group raising additional capital for Go Video and several other successful corporations and companies such as Conair and Southwestern Bell. He is continuously affiliated with corporations and businesses as a consultant.

Richard L. Sheldon, MD has vast knowledge and expertise in the medical respiratory field that spans more than 30 years. He has lectured extensively throughout the United States, Asia and Europe. He has co-authored six books on Respiratory Care besides being both author and co-author of many journal articles. He has been the recipient of a variety of awards for his accomplishments and contributions within his area of expertise. In 1993, he was named 'Honored Member of the Year' by the American Association of Respiratory Care. Dr. Sheldon earned his Doctor of Medicine at Loma Linda University in 1968 and received his B.A. at La Sierra College(History, 1963). Dr. Sheldon currently holds the rank of Clinical Professor of Medicine and is a Staff Consultant in Pulmonary and Intensive Care Medicine for Redlands Community Hospital. He holds many appointments in the medical field, such as Medical Director of the California State Respiratory Care Board. He is a member of the San Bernardino Sheriff's Mounted Search & Rescue Unit as a sworn Reserve Depuy Sheriff.

Tim Crocker has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of statistical process control and production efficiency which spans nearly 15 years. He supervised production and engineering programs for classified missile systems with General Dynamics in Rancho Cucamonga, California. During this time he specialized in Electro-optics, Microwave and Missile Guidance and Control Systems. Mr. Crocker earned his Electronics Equipment Specialist Certificate from the Phoenix Institute of Technology in 1986. He also attended Chaffey College(Business Administration and Professional Sales). He is responsible for coordinating the design and manufacture of hardware and products for Ingen Technologies.

Robert Sand has extensive experience as a senior manufacturing engineer that spans more than 40 years. He has held numerous senior level engineering positions with Bell Labs, Ford Aeronutronics, Hughes Aircraft and Burroughs. He holds many patents besides several pending. Mr. Sand is the co-inventor of the VHS recording head, and has developed several manufacturing engineering firms known as Arvin Industries, Pyramid Magnetics, and Eigen Video. His areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, manufacturing, purchasing(manager/buyer), and plant maintenance. Presently, Mr. Sand is involved with computer systems geared toward multimedia training for paperless product assembly. Mr. Sand received his engineering degree at Valparaiso Technical Institute and continues to actively attend seminars, workshops, conferences, and expositions.

Fritz McDermott has more than 40 years welding experience. Throughout his career he has been responsible for the supervision of many projects such as building honing machines and conversion of various sized lathes for drilling purposes. Several large steel companies have employed Mr. McDermott and two airbases as a civil servant welder have employed him. As an independent contractor, Mr. McDermott has experience in installation, retrofitting, and small machine repair. Mr. McDermott graduated from Signal School Navy. He and his wife are the co-founders/inventors of BAFI.

Jim Hebb has vast knowledge and experience in electronic control systems, electronic design, system dynamics, and management which spans more than 40 years. He was a senior engineer for a start up company developing a home video recorder and held various positions that focused on the magnetic tape recorder. In 1973, Mr. Hebb started an electronic company in which he was president and chief engineer for several years. During this time the company developed a video disc recorder which worked well in cardio labs. This technology is now used in the technique of angioplasty. Currently, Mr. Hebb is an engineering design consultant and continues to work in medical digital electronics. Mr. Hebb earned his BSEE at the University California, Berkeley in 1958 and attended graduate school at Sacramento State University.

George L. Luna, Sr. has nearly 20 years experience in the respiratory field of health care. He has vast knowledge and experience in respiratory and pulmonary treatment, patient assessment, ventilatory management, airway care and altitude physiology. He has been the Department Head of respiratory units since 1971 and has worked in very critical units that require acute accuracy. Mr. Luna is currently a Pediatric Clinical Specialist at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. He is responsible for all aspects of respiratory application, training, interviewing, staffing, equipment maintenance and capital, and staff motivation.

Glen N. Gee has extensive director level experience in the healthcare profession that spans over 30 years. His expertise is in medical affairs, new product development and general management. Ability is heavy in highly technical products and teams, and has managed projects in 5 countries throughout the world. He has key skills in strategic planning, clinical research, analysis, and technical instruction. Mr. Gee has lectured extensively in the field of respiratory therapy and has numerous publications in the respiratory arena. Mr. Gee earned his B.S. degree from Loma Linda University in 1974. Mr. Gee was Director of Medical Affairs, Respiratory for Nellcor Puritan Bennett, Inc. and currently serves for several profit and nonprofit organizations.