Bob Dean Stanford

Bob Dean Stanford has specialized in new marketing systems for product development, branding and business related courses and software for the past 25 years. His successful consulting and project management systems have been featured on numerous radio and television shows, and he has published dozens of newspaper articles on business, attracting the largest interested reader response. He is a regular contributor to numerous online business newsletters and a sought after public speaker at marketing conferences across the country.

Mr. Stanford’s clients have included governments (Kuwait, Brazil and etc.), national and International corporations (Uniroyal, 3-M Corporation, Kazmier International, Inc.’, Hair Technologies Internationale, Inc.’, Cyberpros, Inc., L.A. Raiders - Nolan Harrison) and small business companies.

Mr. Stanford is currently developing and administrating an effective advertising and marketing program for Ingen Technologies, Inc., to promote the Company’s Secure Balance™ program to the medical community and senior population in the United States.

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