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About Ingen Technologies, Inc.

Ingen Technologies, Inc. develops and markets cutting-edge medical technologies designed to increase accuracy of medical care, and prevent unnecessary medical costs associated with today’s healthcare. Ingen is a medical device manufacturer and a growth-oriented company that owns 2-US patent(s) and 1-Patent Pending, trademarks, intellectual property and proprietary medical products. The Secure Balance™ product generates profitable revenues for the company, and is a private-label product that includes a vestibular function testing system and balance therapy system that can identify and prevent fall injuries in the ever growing elderly population. The Company’s flagship product, OxyAlert™, a second-generation design of the Company’s BAFI™ product line provides a low-oxygen safety warning devices used on remote oxygen cylinders for patients, hospitals, commercial aircraft, military transport, and fire and safety equipment. OxyAlert™ technology encompasses the use of digital sensing and RF frequency transfer so that care givers can access a hand-held remote to monitor the actual oxygen level of any oxygen cylinder at a reasonable distance. OxyAlert™ increases safety and convenience for patients and clinical staff. OxyView, Patent Pending and FDA registered, is a pneumatic gauge that provides visual monitoring of oxygen flow-rate for patients (young and old) in the hospital, surgical room, outpatient therapy, nursing homes and emergency response facilities. This product enhances the safety, assurance and accuracy of patients being administered oxygen from any source. OxyView™ is a lightweight pneumatic gauge that is attached to the oxygen tubing just below the neck. It informs the nursing staff of the oxygen flow rate near the patient and cannula. It could quickly inform the physician or technician of any leak or inaccuracy between the delivery source and the cannula.

Ingen Technologies, Inc. - Administrative Office
35193 Avenue "A", Suite-C
Yucaipa, California 92399
Phone: (800) 259-9622 or (909) 790-7180
Fax: (800) 777-1186 or (909) 795-6340
Email: [email protected]

Member of the Better Business Bureau
Member of the Chamber of Commerce
Licensed Business in the City of Yucaipa - License #006857
Member of Dun & Bradstreet  D-U-N-S No. 17-876-2428