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Therapy Software Protocols

The Secure Balance™ SportKAT® Therapy system is the worlds most advanced and effective balance therapy system available today. It has been used by thousands of people over the past 15 years.

The software is patient friendly and offers your patient a faster recovery in regaining their balance.

The software is compatible with Mircrosoft XP® and comes installed on the computer.

If you want the most advanced therapeutic balance rehabilitation system that is easy to use and safe to operate, you want the Secure Balance™ Therapy System.

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User Friendly Software

Simple Installation

Quick Calibration

Advanced Database

Fast Patient Retrieval

Easy Option Selections

Advanced Clinical Petterns

Variable Standing Positions

Adjustable Plate Firmness

Simple Test Procedures

Detailed Test Reports

Fast Printable Hardcopy

Detailed Patient History

Easy Record Access & Export

Clinically Tested Therapy Modules

Complex Therapy Maze

Easy Therapy Maze

Horizontal Therapy Maze

Vertical Therapy Maze

Diagonal Therapy Maze

Advanved Therapy
Training Protocols

Manual Therapy Session Time

Therapy Patterns With
Moving Stimulus

Therapy Patterns Allowing
Patient to Move Stimulus