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For Secure Balance™

The following information has been provided by a neurology practice in the State of Florida. This practice has two full-time neurologists. The company has been given permission by this practice to publish the financial data of their Secure Balance™ program. Please contact Ingen Technologies for verified details at 800-259-9622.

The average payment received on a VNG test $300.00
26 tests (6.5 tests/week) at 300.00 per test = $7,800.00
12 months in a year at 7,800.00 x 12 = $93,600.00

1/3 of these patients would receive therapy.
1/3 of 312 = 104 patients
The recommended amount of therapy sessions is 12 visits.
Balance therapy is billed in 15 minute units at $40.00 per unit.
12 sessions = $480.00
104 patients x $480.00 = $49,920 per year
* Conservative estimate

1/3 will receive the Epley Maneuver.
Payment received for the Epley Maneuver $70.00
104 patients x 70.00 = $7,280.00
* Epley Maneuver billed conservatively as a middle level office visit


The Secure Balance system sells for $53,000.00

The Secure Balance™ system typically pays for itself with just one of the following:

  • 176 VNG tests alone.
  • 68 VNG tests with 12 sessions of therapy per test.
  • 143 VNG tests with one Epley Maneuver treatment per test.

*Using the conservative estimated annual total of $150,800.00, the Secure Balance system could typically pay for itself in less than four and a half months.

Prepared by:
Rick Griffin R.B.T.
Sam Rosa-Torres R.B.T