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Secure Balance™ Therapy Trainer

Secure Balance™ Therapy Trainer is a patented Kinesthetic Ability Trainer (or SPORTKAT), an innovative tool for the evaluation and rehabilitation of neurosensory (or balance) deficits. SportKat focuses on the development of dynamic balance, strength, muscle control, proprioceptive, and vestibular improvement and offers an infinite range of adjustable settings to accommodate people with varied body weights and physical activity levels.

SportKat offers a full line of balance equipment featuring the Company’s superior balance assessment and training technology at prices far below that of any perceived competitor. In fact, SportKat has already begun to capitalize on this immense market potential by securing key customers within each target industry, including:

Secure Balance™ Therapy Trainer provides a way to test and train the nerves that control the muscles of the body that enable us to stand, run, jump and otherwise perform day to day functions. These nerves are called proprioceptors. They are an integral part of a complicated system that the body uses to interpret all of the sensory input that it receives from external and internal sources— including vestibular input from the inner ear, visual input from the eyes and proprioceptive input in order to maintain posture and mobility. Proprioception enables the body to know where it is in space. Performing an oculomotor test and examples of included patterns for the visual stimulus system for oculomotor testing and calibration.

Professional sport teams, including the following National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and National Basketball Association (NBA) teams:

  • Oakland Raiders
  • New York Giants
  • Denver Broncos
  • San DiegoCharges
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Detroit Lions
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • New York Yankees
  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Anaheim Angels
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Seattle Supersonics
  • Major health and fitness organizations, such as Los Angeles Sports Club and Reebok Sports Club
  • Elderly care programs and facilities, including Life Enhancement Therapies and Leisure Care assisted living facilities
  • US Department of Defense (Health Affairs) programs, including the U.S. Navy Sports Medicine program, for which SportKat has been selected as the sole provider.
  • US Department of Defense Spatial Orientation Center, for studying and treatment of equilibrium disorders.

SportKat is an advanced Balance Training system that has been proven to be a very effective tool for Senior “fall prevention” Programs, correcting vertigo in Pilots and improving the quality of life with those that have severe motor skill diseases. The SportKat system differentiates itself from anything else because it applies the Visual, Vestibular and Proprioceptive systems to leverage the redundancies in the brain—thereby improving balance. It is much safer than a “wobble board” for seniors because the air “bladder” can be inflated to match all levels of ability, weight, etc. This product is currently used in Medical Centers, Hospitals, Universities, and Professional Sports Teams. SportKat is effective with those that have the following severe motor skill diseases/challenges:

  • Post Acoustic Neuroma Resection (Brain Tumors)
  • Head Trauma
  • Post Concussion
  • Meniere’s Disease
  • Vertiginous Migraines
  • Vestibular Neuronitis
  • Presbystasis
  • MS
  • Parkinson’s
  • Ataxia

SPORTKAT 4000 & BE1000:

The SportKat 4000 is the most advanced balance assessment and training equipment available. The SportKat software includes provisions for both static and dynamic balance training and assessment through the availability of diversified types of tests, test patterns and difficulty levels. Users may use the built-in training modes with a great deal of ease and flexibility. In addition, the system enables the user (or doctor, trainer, etc.) to design unique, individual training protocols to overcome specific deficits identified during the assessment phase. Designed for multiple applications within the medical and athletic environments, the SportKat 4000 features:

  • 19” Monitor
  • Wireless Mouse & keyboard
  • Printer (Ability to Generate Printed Reports)
  • Handrails for additional safety
  • Larger Base for increased stability
  • Microprocessor-based Pump Control which allows for automated inflation and deflation of the pressure bladder to quickly and easily adjust the pressure based on the user’s weight and level of difficulty
  • Computer Assisted Data System featuring the SPORTKAT WIN software (see Technology below)
  • Thermal Accelerometer
  • Provisions for Both Static and Dynamic Balance Assessment
  • Multiple Built-in Training Programs
  • Diversified Difficulty Levels for Testing and Training
  • Automatically Stored Test Data for each user by date, time and type of test, allowing for progress analysis
  • Tracking Software capable of maintaining data for multiple users, including personal data, medical data and a test editor
  • Ability to Transfer Files for Additional Analysis such as statistical studies using Microsoft’s Excel software

The SportKat operates using a patented inflatable bladder support system and centrally pivoted platform. Attached to the platform is a thermal accelerometer, which measures the user’s displacement from center (balancing ability), producing a quantifiable measurement or balance index score at the conclusion of a balance assessment or training session. This measurement provides a basis on which the user can track improvements by completing increasingly difficult levels of training.

The modular nature of the SportKat design allows the Company to offer a variety of SportKat models to meet the needs (and budgets) of each customer/user group (see Customers and Users below). In addition, the modular design allows users to upgrade a SportKat machine to meet changing needs, add new features or incorporate increased levels of technology. As discussed below, each SportKat model may be classified into one of three categories: portable, standard or computer assisted. However, every version of the SportKat incorporates the Company’s superior technology as well as the following standard features:

  • Sturdy Construction using a combination of injection molded glass polymers, plastic and steel
  • Inflatable Support Bladder capable of holding between 0 to 15 PSI of pressure, allowing for a seemingly infinite range of difficulty levels for both testing and training
  • Easy Stability Adjustment using either a hand held or automated pump system to inflate the support bladder
  • Centrally Pivoted Platform with up to 20 degrees of deflection in any direction (360 degree range)
  • Optional Support Harness for increased safety

In addition to these basic structural features, the SportKat system is be equipped with the following technological components (refer to Technology below for a further discussion of these features):

Computer Assisted Data System to allow the SportKat to become interactive and facilitate advanced testing and training. This system features:

• Thermal Accelerometer to measure the users balancing ability and compute a score between 0 and 5000, with 0 being perfect balance at any given PSI or level of difficulty.

• SPORTKAT WIN Interactive Software enabling Static and Dynamic Testing and Training Capabilities to assess and improve angular displacement skills as well as the time and distance from the target. (Static testing measures the ability to maintain balance in a stationary position and dynamic testing measures the ability to maintain balance while in motion.)

  • Desktop Computer with Monitor, featuring the Company’s proprietary SportKat WIN interactive software (factory installed)
  • Optional Computer Stand
  • Ability to Create Original Training Programs to accommodate unique or specific training goals. For instance, if the user has a balancing deficiency on the left side of the body, he/she can create a program or draw a picture directly on the monitor with an erasable marker; select a dynamic (tracing) mode; and move the cursor back within the picture until it is filled in with the trace.
  • Increased Performance Analysis including multiple levels of training difficulty and a variety of scoring calculations that will enable performance to be tracked and reported using both raw numbers and various charts.

SportKat LLC markets the Kinesthetic Ability Trainer (or SPORTKAT ), an innovative tool for the evaluation and rehabilitation of neurosensory (or balance) deficits. The SPORTKAT system features the Company’s patented inflatable bladder and centrally pivoted platform. The unique modular design allows SportKat to offer several versions of the SPORTKAT , including the only computerized portable balance training equipment on the market. As a result, each customer receives the right equipment for a particular need (and budget), whether it be for elderly fall prevention, reduction of symptoms associated with balance disorders, or general athletic training. The most impressive feature of the SPORTKAT system, however, is the tremendous value as every model features SportKat’s superior technology for a price far below that of any perceived competitor. As a result, SportKat has set a new standard for balance therapy products and is positioned to become the leading provider of rehabilitative equipment to the medical, health and fitness/athletic, and military markets worldwide.

VVP Functional Treatment combines the visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive systems in an integrated functional exercise.


  • Variable Stability Platform
  • Positive Visual Feedback
  • Provisions for Both Static and Dynamic Balance Assessment
  • Variable Test and Difficulty Levels
  • Test Data Files For Analysis and Documentation
  • Built-in Training Mode

SPORTKAT software includes provisions for both static and dynamic balance assessments through the availability of diversified types of tests, test patterns and difficulty levels. Therapists use the built-in training modes with a great deal of ease and flexibility. In addition, the system allows the design of unique, individual training protocols when specific deficits are identified during the test phase.

The system enables positive visual feedback to the patient and automatically calculates adequate pressure based on the patient's weight and level of difficulty.
The software provides the capability of maintaining patient's charts to include personal data, medical data and a test editor. Test data, automatically stored for each person by date, time and type of test, allows analysis of patient progress. The SportKat 4000 is an incredibly valuable tool in the evaluation, and rehabilitation of neurosensory deficits.

There are three major elements to balance: vestibular or inner ear; proprioception, which involves input from both external and internal senses; and visual. In most instances, balance training must include all three elements to be completely effective. For example, one of the first patients participating in a study on balance being conducted by the US Navy (currently in progress) was trained without a monitor and no perceptible improvement was achieved. However, when a monitor was added, dramatic improvements were made. These and other research findings indicate that the most significant advantage of the data system is the capability to provide positive visual feedback in the form of visual displays on the monitor. Currently, these displays appear as static figures or dynamic moving figures that require the user to control by moving the balance platform.

Specifically, the computer assisted data system features:

  • Windows Based Software
  • Real Time Interactive Graphics
  • Diversified Tests and Difficulty Levels
  • Automated Storage of Test and Training Results
  • Printable Reports
  • Ability to Download Results to Excel for Further Analysis
  • Billable to insurance companies using CTP Codes