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Clinical Workshop

Workshop Schedule & Agenda

Description of the course

To have the novice technologist and physician learn about the clinical problems of dizziness, vestibular dysfunction and brain disorders culminating in falls. The underlying anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology will be stressed. Dynamic and static testing of the vestibular systems and the central nervous systems will also be covered. Small group discussions will be held with hands-on training with the equipment. The technologists will also have separate, specialized training sessions. Some technician training sessions will be with their physicians working in a group so they can operate as a team as they will in their home venue. The course is programmed to instill competence in the team to not only do the test (after the patient is first examined and evaluated by the physician), but to assess in conclusion, new and proper directions for therapy. Several therapies will be taught including the Epley maneuver and other balance training technologies that have yielded positive outcomes.

Course Registration

Tami Baker, Administrator
Southeastern Neuroscience Institute, P.A.
and Preferred Provider Care
3728 Phillips Highway, Suite 31
Jacksonville, FL 32207
(904) 346-0707 x 120
fax (904) 396-4300

Workshop Location

Radisson Riverwalk Hotel- Jacksonville
1515 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville Florida 32207, USA
Reservations: (800) 333-3333 US
Telephone: (904) 396-5100 Fax: (904) 396-7154
Email:  [email protected]


Jacob Green, M.D., Ph.D.

He is the CEO of Preferred Provider Care. He is a board-certified neurologist and has sub-specialty certification in pain management, electroencephalography and now balance medicine. He is director of Southeastern Neuroscience Institute, a multi-disciplinary neurological clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. He has authored 60 papers and has published 6 textbooks. He has been a national speaker for many years for various organizations including the American Academy of Pain Management, American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians, the American Medical EEG Association and many others.

Carlos Leon-Barth, M.D.

He is a board-certified neurologist practicing in Jacksonville, Florida at Southeastern Neuroscience Institute. He is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology with special competence in child neurology. He is board certified by the American Board of Electroencephalography and the American Board of Balance Medicine. He has published a number of papers and has lectured frequently.

Joseph Warner, M.D.

He is a board-certified, Harvard-trained neurologist with Southeastern Neuroscience Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. He has published a world-renowned textbook on neuroanatomy and has taught medical neuroscience and neuroanatomy for nearly 20 years. He has published several scientific papers and abstracts. He is also certified by the American Board of Balance Medicine.

Deborah Fralicker, D.C.

She is a chiropractic physician, practicing in Jacksonville, FL at the Southeastern Neuroscience Institute, P.A. She is also licensed in acupuncture and a registered nurse. She is a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association and American Academy of Pain Management. She has published a number of papers and lectured in her field of practice.

Rick Griffin

Mr. Griffin R.B.T. has 10 years of experience in the health care field. He has been with the Southeast Neuroscience Institute for the last two years working as their Chief Technologist. He is a Registered Balance Technician by the American Board of Balance Medicine. In addition, Mr. Griffin teaches several components of VNG training for Preferred Provider Care, Inc. Mr. Griffin is an active member of the American Academy of Balance Medicine and currently serves the Board as Vice President.

Preferred Provider Care, Inc., was organized in the early 1980's as a corporation with a mission to accomplishing relevant medically-related research, product development and to provide professional educational services. This corporation has successfully served in professional areas and completed several significant projects in the medical/ industrial complex consistent with its mission. Preferred Provider Care's current role is that of teaching and education in the specialty areas of balance and fall prevention for physicians and technologists for Secure Balance Systems.

Prior major accomplishments by Preferred Provider Care included advising a national MRI company in the utilization and prior planning for future direction in health care change. PPC was also instrumental in utilization of infrared technologies in the diagnosis for reflex sympathetic dystrophy. PPC is currently involved with a major corporation working toward the development of breast cancer detection via non-invasive, high resolution, digital subtraction infrared imaging. Expert training of technologists and remote reading of nerve conduction studies and cerebral recordings of evoked potentials was done in rural Kentucky for aid in establishing a neurological diagnosis for Intergroup Medical Services of Apopka, FL. We also performed similar test data reading from Adelaide, Australia. A new successful diabetic neuropathy therapy with infrared light waves was pioneered by this organization. Several scientific papers were published, along with a published textbook on infrared therapy. PPC is currently involved in fall prevention via balance diagnosis and therapy. Balance Medicine seminars have been presented nationally by this organization. Other scientific training seminars have been previously provided in the fields of EEG, evoked potentials, infrared imaging and infrared therapy.

Affiliate corporate organizations include Ingen Technologies, Infrared Mammography, Inc., and Secure Balance Systems, Inc.

The Preferred Provider Care offices are located in Jacksonville, FL., and are readily available by phone, fax and email. The phone number is 904-346-0707, fax number is 904-396-4300 and email is [email protected]. Dr. Green may be contacted directly by calling 904-571-4415.

Southeastern Neuroscience Institute, P.A.
3728 Philips Highway Suite 31
Jacksonville, Florida 32207
904-346-0707 (voice)
904-396-4300 (fax)