Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Ingen Technologies Signs Agreement With Preferred Provider Care


For Release:  August 11, 2004

Calimesa, CA – August 11, 2004 - Ingen Technologies, Inc. (OTC: CRTZ) announced today that it has signed a service agreement with Preferred Provider Care.

Preferred Provider Care, a medical organization associated with the South Eastern Neuroscience Institute, accesses a 35-year network of physicians, medical professionals and various physician Academies of medicine. The Company will market the vital Secure Balance™ balance and physician education program in key segments throughout the United States.

The successful Secure Balance™ program is an equipment, training and educational support system available to physicians throughout the United States. Over the past twelve months, the Secure Balance™ system generated approximately $1 Million for Ingen and is now being aggressively marketed throughout the U.S.

The program offers vestibular function evaluations and therapy to patients that experience balance disorders. More than two million people visit their doctor each year complaining of dizziness or vertigo and the Secure Balance ™ program can substantially help patients and decrease the number of fall related injuries. The elderly population is expected to double over the next decade and comprise the majority of balance disorder patients.

Scott Sand, President of Ingen Technologies said, “Preferred Provider Care has more than 35 years expertise in the Neurological Sciences and Balance Disorders industry. The company is associated with a growing national network of our target market and we look forward to working with them toward growing our successful Secure Balance ™ program.”

Preferred Provider Care Director Dr. Jacob Green said, “Preferred Provider Care is enthusiastic to work with Ingen Technologies. Over the next 18 months, we expect to generate more than 500 new sales for Ingen, representing more than $15 million in revenue, coupled with Ingen Technologies’ expert training and support.” said Dr. Jacob Green.

About Preferred Provider Care

Preferred Provider Care is an expansive medical organization that has more than 35 successful years of experience in Neurological Sciences and Balance Disorders. The Company is associated with a national network of medical professionals and various Academies of Medicine that recognize its achievements. For more information, visit:



About Ingen Technologies

Ingen Technologies is a growth-oriented technology company that offers a diverse and progressive service and product line. The Company’s flagship product is its BAFI ™ product, the world’s first, wireless digital low gas warning system for pressurized gas cylinders. BAFI, now in its second generation, is an accurate and cost-effective, real-time pressurized gas warning system that will alert users when gas levels are approaching empty.

The BAFI line has multiple applications in the medical sector, safety and protection (fire and police), aircraft, recreation vehicle and outdoor uses, as well as home and residential, construction and military. BAFI is a patented product that meets or exceeds regulatory compliance of this time of product and is completed and in production.

For more information, visit: .

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