Vestibular Function Testing

Secure Balance™

Test Procedure Protocol

Step 1 Balance Questionnaire and evaluation of patient
Step 2 Balance Test on SportKAT® platform. 5 Minutes Assessment, and a Medicare reimbursable item.
Step 3 Vestibular Function Test. 45 Minute VNG diagnostic test, and a Medicare reimbursable item.
Step 4 Canalith Repositioning/Eply Maneuver. 20 minute procedure done in the office, and a Medicare reimbursable item.
Step 5 Re-Test: VNG Positional Test, usually a simple Hallpike. 5 minute test to check if the Eply Maneuver was effective. A Medicare reimbursable item.
Step 6 SportKat® balance therapy. 12 sessions at 2 sessions per week for 30 minutes each session. A Medicare reimbursable item.

Program Design

Step 1 Ingen Technologies provides information about the Secure Balance™ program.
Step 2 The physician or IDTF decides to purchase the program. Ingen Technologies provides a quote and financing options through MW Leasing.
Step 3 The physician accepts the purchase and Ingen Technologies schedules a delivery date.
Step 4 Ingen Technologies provides on-site installation and training for 2 days. Experienced professionals provide technical and clinical training. A Certificate is issued to the technician after successful completion of the training program.
Step 5 The physician attends the interpretation workshop at the Neuroscience Institute in Jacksonville, Florida for a 2-day physician workshop. The physician is trained by a Board Certified neurologist on the interpretation of vestibular function testing.
Step 6 Ingen Technologies provides an equipment warranty, technical and clinical support to the physician or IDTF.
Step 7 Ingen Technologies and the Neuroscience Institute provide on-going educational workshops regarding Balance and Fall Prevention.

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