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Scott Sand

Scott Sand has a diversity of experience in the health care industry both domestic and abroad which spans more than 25 years. His knowledge and expertise include executive management, health care administration, medical/general product development, operations, finance, law and marketing. His contributions and accomplishments have been published in the Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Tribune. He has been the recipient of many recognition awards by high honored factions such as the United States Congress and the State Assembly, receiving the highest Commendation in the County of Los Angeles for his contributions to health care. Mr. Sand attended California State University majoring in BioMedical Engineering, Business and Computer Science. Mr. Sand served as the CEO of Medcentrex, Inc. for 10 years, a medical service provider to more than 600 physicians nationwide. He served as the Director of Sales & Marketing for Eye Dynamics, Inc. for 7 years, a public company and manufacture of Video ENG systems; assisting in their technology upgrades and design for VNG and increasing their sales each quarter during that time. He resigned from Eye Dynamics, Inc. to accept the full-time position as CEO & Chairman of Ingen Technologies, Inc., a public company and medical device manufacturer.

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