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Wednesday, March 01, 2006



For Release Wednesday, March 1, 2006 at 7:15 AM (EST)

Calimesa, CA – March 1, 2006 -- Ingen Technologies, Inc. (OTC: IGTG), a medical device manufacturer of OxyAlertTM, OxyViewTM, and Secure BalanceTM, announced today that its common stock has been recommended as an “Aggressive Buy” by Empire Research Associates, Inc. (“Empire Research”).  Empire Research is a NJ-based consulting firm that specializes in investment research, financial consulting and economic analysis. Mr. William Walling, a Chartered Financial Analyst, has over 35 years experience in developing analyst reports for large and small companies.

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Commenting on this development, Scott Sand, CEO of Ingen Technologies, said: “We are very pleased to receive this recommendation as an Aggressive Buy from Empire Research.  Its research group has over 100 years of top-drawer experience in evaluating securities, and is led by Bill Walling, a Chartered Financial Analyst, who is also a former four-time member of the Institutional Investor Magazine All-America Research Team.  When we engaged Empire Research to write a research report about Ingen, we specified that we wanted an objective analysis, for the intended benefit of our shareholders, other investors, and management.  We believe Empire Research has met this standard by identifying and discussing Ingen’s corporate challenges and opportunities.  We are, of course, gratified that it has reached the positive investment conclusion that both our outlook and common shares are attractive.  In particular, I want to bring to your attention a couple of key statements about Ingen’s outlook from Empire Research’s 21-page Basic Report on our Company.  These are: ‘... We believe that Ingen’s burgeoning product line will: (1) serve a large and growing population of the elderly, domestically and internationally, and (2) provide innovative and competitively attractive features, which should permit rapid market penetration.  The outcome should be initially, rapid growth in revenues, followed by rising earnings...’ and 'Basically, we expect Ingen’s product quality and marketing prowess to boost revenues, earnings, and its share price, despite the prospect of more shares being issued to finance growth.  More specifically, we expect Ingen to raise sales to a $10 million annual run rate in 12 months, which would be a 12-fold increase over the $0.8 million of revenues for FY5/31/05.  As a result, this should move Ingen into the black in FY5/31/07 – for the first time.  In turn, we would expect a favorable response from investors, moving IGTG’s price up to an estimated $0.75 per share (even after an assumed 250% increase in shares).  Thus, we think IGTG can approximately double in a year, providing it with a very attractive risk/return relationship.  Continuing prospects of rapid growth should cause further appreciation thereafter, in our opinion’.”

About Ingen Technologies, Inc.

 Ingen Technologies, Inc. is a public company trading under NASDAQ OTC:IGTG, which has been in business since 1999.  IGTG is a medical device manufacturer and a growth-oriented company that owns US patent(s), trademarks, and proprietary medical products.

The Company’s flagship product is OxyAlert™, a second-generation design of the Company’s BAFI™ product line.  Both of these products have been issued two US Patents: Patent No. 6,137,417 issued on October 24, 2000 and Patent No. 6,326,896 issued on December 4, 2001.  Both of these products are low-oxygen safety warning devices used on remote oxygen cylinders for patients, commercial aircraft, military transport, and fire and safety equipment.  OxyAlert™ technology encompasses the use of digital sensing and RF frequency transfer so that care givers can access a hand-held remote to monitor the actual oxygen level of any oxygen cylinder at a reasonable distance.

The newest product, OxyView™, has a patent pending, and is a pneumatic gauge that provides visual safety warning of oxygen flow for patients in the hospital, surgical room, outpatient therapy, nursing homes and emergency response facilities.  This product enhances the safety, assurance and accuracy of patients being administered oxygen from any source.  OxyView™ is a lightweight pneumatic gauge that is attached to the oxygen tubing just below the neck.  It informs the nursing staff of the oxygen flow rate near the patient.  It could quickly inform the physician or technician of any leak or inaccuracy between the delivery source and the patient.
The Secure Balance™ product is a private-label product that includes a vestibular function testing system and balance therapy system.  The vestibular function testing system is manufactured by Interacoustics LTD. in Denmark and is referred to as the VNG.  The balance therapy system is manufactured by SportKAT®, Inc. in San Diego, California.  The Secure Balance™ program provides equipment, education and training about balance and fall prevention to physicians and clinicians worldwide.

The Pure Produce™ product is a continuing research & development program currently under design.  This program uses hydroponics technology to grow various plants without the use of soil, fertilizer and water consumption.  The Company anticipates entering the nutriceutical and pharmaceutical markets over the next two years.

“Our team of professionals has developed our medical products for the ever-increasing elderly population.  Our products are superior to any of our competition and they allow for effective medical product availability to seniors, and at the same time the increasing senior population allows for a steady growth in sales and profits,” said Scott Sand, CEO & Chairman of Ingen Technologies. 
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